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Tiltable Trimmer Model: FR292R

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MSRP: $450.00
Price: Reduced from $450 to $350
Item Number: 9200499
FR292- Tiltable trimmer
In stock. Shipped withing 24 hours

 This specialty trimmer's body can be
angled to approximately 46.5 degrees
so the the edge of the bit is 1.5 degrees
to the surfce, preventing any damage
when trimming excess edges.
Tilting the machine to the horizontal
position you can trim upto 45 degree
chamfered edges.

The tiltable motor makes it possible
to trim straight edges with the
cylinderical bit. Excess panel is
trimmed with the motor body in the
vertical position, trim edges with the
motor body inclined to 91.5 degrees,
1.5 degrees below the board surface
avoiding any damage.

Electronic speed adjustment and
constant torque control allow constant
motor speed under load.
Also includes: adjustable trim depth
control with micrometric adjustor
locking system, universal dust
collection port, guide knob for easy control,
micrometric lateral bit adjustment, tiltable
motor  0 to 91.5 degrees, a standard lateral
fence and copier bearing makes it possible
to guide the machine along any form and shape.

Can make small mouldings working at 0 to 90
degrees. Make a bevel edge with standard straight
bit. Make straight groove with the lateral fence.
Tilt the motor and make the groove at any angle.
Make circular groove with the compass.

input power  750 W
no-load speed  4,000-30,000 rpm
max bit diameter: 25mm (1")
chuck collet: 1/4"
weight: 5 pounds

standard equipment:
90 degrees bit for trimming and
grooving, part # 1140087
straight bit 3/4" for trimming and
chuck collet: 1/4"
copier with ball bearing
lateral fence with compass
service key carrying case

optional accessories:
guide ring

Wide range of possibilities
below are some examples:

Trimming the edge with straight bit

Lateral fence avoids the irregularities
of the edges
Copier with ball bearing for perfect
movement along straight or curve panels
For manual, click on:  \manuals\fr292r-manual-english.pdf
Guide ring for copying with
template as a small router

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