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Lock Mortiser - Model FC16s( replace by FC16u)

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MSRP: $1,450.00
Price: $1,350.00
You Save: $100.00 (7 %)
Item Number: FC16s

Special design for quick, precise mortising on doors
or other elements. Easy to work with at site or in the
work shop. Mortises doors that have already been
hung, without damaging the surface.  Measurement
adjustment permits multiple mortises in record time.
Also able to work horizontally. Mortises grooved
doors or those with overlaps.
Advantages over competition:
- Vacuum port
- Mortise in horizental and vertical position
- Advanced hydraulics for precision adjustment
   and accurate grip
Can mortise the face plate. You need to use a
corner chisel to sqaure the edges.
Part # 2945471 - RC29M corner chisel
Equipped from factory with hard metal
lock mortiser 1/4" shaft.  Includes
a 1" bit. Other size bits can be ordered under the
spare parts section of this web site by using the
following part numbers:
Diameter       Part No.
5/8"            1640177
3/4"            1640187
7/8"            1640178
1"               1640179
1-1/8"         1640180
1-1/4"         1640181
Diameter in mm
cutting height of 13.5mm
16 mm         1640127
17 mm         1640150
18 mm         1640128
21 mm         1640129
23 mm         1640130
25 mm         1640131
30 mm         1640132
The lock morisers sold in North America
(USA and Canada) they all have 1" bit as standard
To use the metric mm bits, you need to order the adaptor:
Part # 1622326 - Bit Adaptor from inches to metric
Universal vacuum port feature is very popular
among professionals

Both metric and imperial size bits are available in
stock. Includes locking bar to make mortises on
several doors at the same height, rubber protectors
for delicate jobs, service keys and universal dust
collector outlet port.

Includes a 1" diameter standard bit,
(additional sizes available)
double isolation
Input power: 1,100 W --- 1.5 HP
Max. bit Ø: 1-1/4"  (30 mm)
Max. mortising depth: 0-5"  (0-125 mm)
Max. mortising depth: 0-7"+ bit dia  (177mm + bit Ø )
Max. clamp vise opening : 7-1/2"  (190 mm)
No-load speed: 23,000 rounds per minute

Tool-holding shaft included with the FC16I
(*) Bit included with standard equipement.

For Manual click on:
For instruction on handle assembly:
For Parts Diagram, click: 

The clamp extension UP16I
allows to fix the machine
also on both ends of the door

The accessory UT16I allows
to take references for drilling
the hole for the handle and
key cylinder.

Carrying Case included

Watch a video of an older model FC16i in operation

Watch a video of UC16K in operation:


Its special fixing system allows
the mortising of doors that have
already been hung, without
damaging the surface.

The machine is also able to
work horizontally, which can 
be especially useful if deciding to
make a series of mortises, with
the doors unhung.

The FC16I incorporates a
locking bar, which is fixed
to the machine at the height
from the ground established
for the first mortised door
allowing the mortising of the
rest of the doors at the same
height without retaking

It also permits to mortise
grooved doors or those with
overlap, thanks to the possibility
of adjusting the centre of the
machine over the section of the  
door where the mortise is


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