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Virutex, S.A.
Leading European Manufacture
of Woodworking Machines for over 50 years 

Virutex, North America
with offices in New York, and warehouses in NJ and CT
supplying machines, tools and spare parts for the past 25 years

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Table - Miter Saw Combination

          Use it as Miter Saw

  Table-Miter Saw Combo $750

Use it as table saw

 Glue Pot Edge Bander 
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Portable. Speed, Temp.and
Despense Control $1,990

Portable/Stationary with top-bottom trim station $4,100

Single Phase - Production up to
3 mm tapes & Laminate $8,900

Advance design, compressed air, 
Up to 3 mm tapes  $10,900

Corner Rounder for Edge Banders $3,990

Hot Air Edge Bander for Pre-Glued Tapes

Hand Held $490

Bench. Auto Trim $3,950

Automatic, Production $6,990

Trimmers For Edge Banding

Edge Trimmer $390

Edge Trimmer $18

Double Edge Trimmer $18

End Trimmer up to 1 mm $49

End Treiimer up to 2 mm $65

End Trimmer up to 3m $100

   Laminate & Veneer Cutters

Laminate  Veneer Slitter $145

Miter Cutter $395

Auto Production unit $2,500

Door Tools

Lock Mortiser $1,450

Door Hinge Router $650

Door Lifter $79

Solid Surface Tools

Edge Lipping Planer $650

Angle Trimmer $550

Tiltable Trimmer $950

Specialty Planers

Curve Planer $450

Door Planer $450

Abrasive Planer $480

Edge Lipping Planer $650

Chamfering Planer $380

Shaper Planer $650

Compressed Air Vacuum Clamps
No Vacuum Pump Needed

Base Model $85

Main Tiltable Rotateable $380

Additional units $235

Biscuit Joiner, Splines and Glue Applicator

iscuit Joiner $299

plines, 0, 10, 20 $35

lue Spreader $3

Edge Banding Accessories

EdgeBanding Hand Iron $65

Edge Trimmer $18

Curve banding trimmer $15

Scraper $25

Trimer-Scraper Combo $30


Patented Panel Joining System

OVVO system
Join Panels with No Glue

Virutex Router for 
OVVO Connctors

Price: $4,100.00