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Glue Pot Edge Bander, Portable -Model PEB250-with Temp. & speed control

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Price: $1,990.00
Item Number: PEB250
Several new features

Glue Pot Edge Bander, Portable
Model PEB-250
with speed and temperature control

New Features & Advantages:

- Adjustable indeed control
- Adjustment for tape thickness for better glue spread
- Precision control of gel dosage on the tape
- Adjustable tape exit for better positioning of the tape on the board
- Teflon coated tracks to prevent tape jams
- Teflon coated glue pot for easier cleaning
- Tape spacer to avoid tape jams
- Speed adjustment controlled by micro processor

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Adjustable guide support with scale in millimeters
for smoother and ease in movement combined with
better accuracy

Temperature adjustment (120 -200°C) or (250-390F) controlled by microprocessor for higher accuracy on measurement.

Temperature increasing by impulses. Protects the heating elements increasing their working life.

Speed adjustment controlled for various type or thickness of tape: PVC, Polyester or wood tape, or plastic laminate strips. Controlled by microprocessor. Speed range: 6.6, 13.1, 16.4, 19.7 Feet/minute.

Glue pot and tape sliding base covered by Teflon® for 
better flow of the tape, easier movement and prevents tape jams
Easier to clean the glue pot

Electronic speed control
Electronic temperature control


Hot melt portable edgebander. For PVC, ABS, melamine, laminate or veneer tapes, previously cut to the wanted length, on straight, round or shaped panels. Very practical for small manufacturing series due to its easy operation and fast adjustment. The height tape adjustment and panel thickness is very easy and intutive. Equipped with assisted tape feeding and electronic speed control to work at the most convenient speed.

With electronic temperature control the machine is also equipped with a precise control for the glue  dosage on the tape.

Glue pot and tape sliding base covered by Teflon® for an easy cleaning and maintenance.

Standard equipment

1- A bag of glue 250 grams includd with the machine

2- A double edge trimmer for tapes of up to 1 mm thick

Manual Double Edge trimmer :AU93

3- An End trimmer for tapes of up to 1 mm thick

Manual end cutter for up to 1 mm thick tape: RC21E

Type of glue Pellets can be used on this machines are:from:

- Kleiberit 743.7  (Available in 40 Lb bags on thie web site - click here to order)
- Kleiberit VP9296/57 - Jowat 280.3
- Dorus KS224/2 

Input power: 830 W
Adjustable working temperature: 120 - 200°C or ( 250 - 390F )
Adjustable working speed: 6.6, 13.1, 16.4, 19.7 feet / minute or ( 2, 4, 5, 6 m/min )
Panel thickness: 0.39 - 2.44 inches (10 - 62 mm)
Tape thickness: 0.02 - 0.11 inches (0,4-3 mm)
Tank capacity:
Net Weight:     
0.23 L (230 cm3)
20 Pounds net
Optional accessories:
To see product details or order, clcik on the item


5046525 Table MEB250 for stationary operation

5600510   Powered Edge TrimmIng set for up to 3 mm thick tapes: FR256N

5245922 Hand end cutter RC321S (3 mm)

Glue: 40 Pound Bag

5045753 Vacuum table SFV50

5045833 Vacuum table SFV150

5046400 Pneumatic tilting and swivelling clamping system SVN460


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Optional Auxiliary roller for banding in tight corners and
concave shapes of 2mm diaeter or .787 inches or slighlty 
more than 3/4". to order, click on the part number:  Part # 5046764

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PDF Operating instructions manual
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