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Table,tape holder/end cutter for Edgebander, Glue Pot, PEB150

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Price: $550.00
Item Number: 5000799

If you already have a PEB50 or PEB150 hand held
model, you can buy the table, tape holder and end cutter
package at price of $500.

Table for Glue Pot Edge Bander
convert your PEB50 or PEB150 hand held 
unit into the table model Model: PEB150-TRC
Made in Germany under Virutex label.
Assembled in Spain at Virutex factory
Glue Pot Edge Bander for :
 - Small shops
 - Large factories who do custom/curved work
Glue pot bander with temperature control
For PVC, Polyester, Melamine, wood veneer
tapes of up to 3 mm and plastic laminate strips.
( When using 3 mm tape for curved panels, we recommend
   using soft 3 mm tape. Hard 3 mm tape retains its memory &
   tends to get back to straight form after banded on curved panels.
   Use of hard 3mm tape for curved panels requires heating the tape
   too to soften it. Our machine and most of the glue pot banders do
   not heat the tape & only heat the glue & apply to back of the tape
  If you can not find soft 3m m tape for curve panels we recommend
   use of 2mm tape for curved panels)
- Easy and fast set up of tape height and panel thickness
- Automatic tape feed with control
- Fast heat up time of 10 minutes
Ideal for small shops or Large factories who
need a machine for custom works, such as
curved panels or large counter tops.
Open the fence to the width
of the panel.
Easy to edgebanding Curved Panels
Remove the unit from the table
and use it as a portable bander.
Perfect for banding very large
panels or countertops
For Full details of accessories available for this machine
and the portable one, please check the web page for
PEB50, the portable model
Glue pot hot melt edgebander with stationary table.
For banding PVC, ABS, melamine, laminate and veneer tapes
previously cut to the desired length, on shaped, curved or straight panels.
Very practical for small straight panels banding series in the workshop
and very easy to handle.
Easy and fast setting up of the tape height and panel thickness.
Automatic feed of the tape with manual control and motorized pressure
roller for a precise and fast banding.
The quantity of glue to be applied on the tape can be adjusted.
Can be used as portable just removing three screws
Max. tape thickness:  0.5- 3 mm  ( 1/64" to 1/8" )
Minimum Concave radius to band: 1.57" ( 40 mm)
Input power:  765 W - 110 Volts, 20 Amps, single Phase
Tape width:  12-45 mm ( up to 1.77")
Tape feed speed:  3,6 m/min  or 10 Ft./minute
Tank capacity:  150 cm3
 Glue usage of a tank (average):
    25 meter of 23 mm wide tape
    or 75 feet of 1" wide tape
Work temperature:  170 to 190 C°- Adjustable Temperature
                                             260 to 390 F.
Weight:  24,7 Kg - 70Pounds ( 90 Pounds Gross weight of the wooden crate)
               ( the crate is shipped by common carrier)
                                            Weight of the hand held unit is : 18 Pounds

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Included with this machine:
 One unit of AU93 - Double edge trimmer for up to 1 mm tape
 One unit of RC21E - End Trimmer for up to 1 mm thick tape
 One unit of ET6 - Single side edge trimmer for up to 1 mm tape (recommended for veneer tapes)
 one unit of ET7 - Single side edge trimmer for curved panels

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