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Edge Bander, Glue Pot, Automatic, Production model EB140-PLC

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MSRP: $13,900.00
Price: $13,900 reduced to $10,900
Item Number: 8500300
Why Buy Virutex Edgebanders

1- Virutex, a European maker of edgebanders for
small shops has been producing banders
for past 50 years. Virutex North American
has been in New York for the past 30 years
supplying parts for machnies 30 years old.
We have been here for 30 years and will be
around to supply you parts way into future.

2- All of our machines are made in Europe.
All parts are made in Europeand most of our
key items such as motors, armatyre, coils,
stators are all made in our factory. We still sell
carbon brushes for the biscuit joiners we sold in
USA during 1970s

3- Our Banders are designed from scratch to fit the
needs of small shops. We are not a maker of large
banders making a small side model for small shops.

4- For the past 30 years we sold a few thousands banders
edge banders adn most are still in operation. After a decade
or two, owners are getting amolost half of what they paid for
in re sale market. 

The most advanced design in glue pot banders for small shops
1- With use of latest technologies the operation of this edge
banders all on the deck of the machines. By opening the
front and the back cover you can reach every operting part
adjust or replace parts easily.
2- Use of digital display, the PLC control panel shows
the status of every operation,or if there is need for adjustment

Complete control of the machine via touch screen

1- Diagnosis of operation of the machine in every station
2- How to make an adjustment if its needed
3- How to change parts shown step by step on the screen

Complete control of the machine via touch screen

1- Diagnosis of operation of the machine in everystation
2- How to adjust
3- How to change parts shown step by step on the screen

New Video on EB140-PLC

EB140-PLC- Quick start Guide Video

Short Video 

Scroll down for
more videos on this page

For tapes of  up to 3 mm (1/8")
and plastic laminate strips                   
Auto Flush trimming of top,
bottom, and both ends
Easy & direct adjustment
of the trimming bits and copying
devices by digital meters.
Simultaneous adjustment for           
the tape thickness, the guide        
and the gluing roller by a             
single digital meter.             
Teflon Coated glue tank with
non-stick surface and cover.
and easy to adjust the amount
of glue flow

Visual control of every pnumatic connections and 
with warning lights. Easy access panel to reach the

External dust collector connection.
Can be connected to the existing ship
dust collector. Or can be connected
to Virutex AS382 dust collector that is
syncronized with the machine and activates
only when the trimmers are at work.

To download the manual
please click on the following link:
Electronic temperature control
Reversible knives
· For tapes up to 3 mm ( up to 1/8" ) and plastic laminate strips
· Easy to adjust, high quality finishing
· Motorized gluing roller. Perfect banding of the panel.
  Patent pending.
· Direct adjustment of the trimming bits and copying
   devices by digital meters. Easy to adjust.
· Simultaneous adjustment for the tape thickness,
   the guide and the gluing roller by a single digital meter.
· Automatic feeder for tape rolls with pneumatic cutting system.
· Trimming unit at 10,000 R/min. Equipped with adjustable copying devices.
· Automatic feeder for tape rolls with pneumatic cutting system.
· Equipped with four rubber rollers on the table to ensure a good
   pressure against the gluing rollers.
· Table with antifriction material.
· Panel thickness adjustment by digital meter.
· Automatic temperature control by the machine during all the working process.
  After 30 minutes of idle time, the machine gets to stand-by position at 110ºC
   to avoid the glue can burn.
· Panel feeder with wide multi-layed belt.
· Front telescopic table extension with rollers.
· Roll holder for rolls up to 590 mm or 24" diameter.

Pneumatic working pressure: 6 Bars
Air Consumtion at 6 bars : 5 Liters / Minute ( approximate )
Electical Requirements:
220 Volts, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 20 Amps, 1.97/2.07 KW ( 2.77 HP)

Recommended type of glue

Any hot melt of good quality (Henkel, Jowat, Kleiberit) can be used. 
The user must choose the most appropriated to the work to be done. 
The machine can work between 120º C until 220ºC (248-428 F)
So for thin tapes we recommend glues working at 130º-140º C (270-280 F) 
and for the thick ones higher temperature (180-190º C; 360-375 F).

We currently recommend the glue we are using that is Kleiberit 788.7. 
This glue can work from 140º to 200º (280-390 F).
Klieberit 773.3 
can not be used on EB140-Plc.

Jowat is code 280.30.
Tape thickness:  0.4-3 mm or ( 1/64 to 1/8 " )
Tape height (tapes from 0.4 to 2 mm):  45 mm( 1.8 " )
Tape height (tapes of 3 mm):  25 mm( 1.0 " )
Min/max panel thickness:  13 to 45 mm( 1/2" to 1.8")
Min. panel length:  140 mm( 5.6")
Min. panel thickness:  13 mm( 1/2 ")
Work speed:  5 meter/min( 15 ft / minute)
Trimmer speed:  10.000 /min
Ø trimming bits:  60 mm 4Z  ( 2.4")
Roller holder capacity:  590 mm  ( 25" )
Tank capacity:  1 Kg. ( 2.2 Pounds )
Work temperature:  175-210 °C  ( 347 - 410 F)
Feeder motor power:  0,18 KW  ( .24 HP )
Trimmer motor power:  0,37 KW  ( .49 HP)
Gluing motor power:  0,09 KW  ( .12 HP)
Weight:  260 Kg  ( 570 Pounds)


Maintenance :To lubricate the power feeder motor gear box
                       use lubricats that are specified for low speed gear box

Customer feedback:
We are VERY happy with the performance of our Virutex EB140 edgebander.  
It is a huge addition to our shop, but takes up very little floor space.  
And the time saved on our projects made this purchase well worth it.
Paul Muehlenbeck and Tom Muehlenbeck
Wobig Construction Co, Inc
Saginaw MI
Carrie Doman
Wobig Construction Co, Inc
527 N Woodbridge
Saginaw MI  48602

Watch Videos on different part
                 of EB40 and its operation
                 To watch the next video, please make sure the
                  on is no on "Paused" and should be "Stopped"

           1- Receiving the machine

2 -Assembling the tape holder
3 - Connections                  
4 - Control Panels & Switches
5 - Adjustments                
6 - Start the operation     
7 -Adjustments and settings
8- Set ups & Adjustment                        
9- Adjustments& Fine Tuning            
10 -Reminders             
11 - Suggestions             

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