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EB135-Bander-glue pot, up to 3 mm tapes. Single phase

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MSRP: $9,900.00
Price: Price reduced from $9,900 to $8,900
Item Number: 8500295
EB135 - Single Phase Glue Pot Edge Banders $8,900
              for up to 3 mm tapes thickness and laminate strips
              220 Volts, 20 Amps, Single Phase
              Ideal for shops with single phase power
              No compressed air required

Flush trim for top/bottom both ends of up to 1 mm tape
Top/bottom flush trim for 2 & 3 mm tapes. 
in case of 2 & 3 mm, the ends will need to cut 
flush with hand held trimmer

Type of glue Pellets can be used on this machines are:from:
- Kleiberit 743.7  (Available from us on this web site)

- Kleiberit VP9296/57 - Jowat 280.3

If you are using the 0.4 mm thin tape, we recomment you use:
  Henkel : Dorus KS224/2
  You order this glue by calling ESI ( Edge Banding Services ) 1-800-470-5831

                  Cick here to link to supplier website

  The processing temp. for this glue is 120 to 140 C
   which is more suitable for thin tapes of 0.4 mm thick.

Watch a detailed video on:

- How to set up the machine
- How to operate
- How to change parts


- Input power of 3,450 KW
- Glue pot heat up time of 5 minutes
- For PVC, Melamine, ABS, wood veneer tapes
  ( inluding 3D and glass effect tapes) and laminate strips
- Max. tape thickness of 3 mm
- Minimum Panel thickness : 13 mm ( 0.51" )
- Maximum panel thickness:
           For tapes of 0.4 to 2 mm, Max panel thickness is 50mm (1.96" )
           For tapes of 3mm thick, Max panel thickness is 25 mm ( 0.98" )
- Minimum panel width : 102 mm ( 4" )

- Minimum panel width : 180 mm ( 7" )
- Temperature range: 120 to 200 C  or  (248-392 F )

- Powered panel feeder rate of 4 m ( 13 Ft ) per minute
- Microprocessor controlled temperature adjustment avoids temp. oscillation
- Motorized gluing pressure roller to ensure perfect banding
- Teflon coated glue rollers for easy cleaning
- Teflon coated glue pot for easy maintenace and cleaning
- High Perfermance: up to 120 meter or 360 feeet per glue tank.
  Glue can be added periodically 
- Motorized top and bottom trim with TCT bit r= 2+10 degree chamfer
- Flat double sided top and bottom scrapers
- Front and back flush cut
- Table extention to handle large boards
- Trimming unit no load speed; 10,000 rpm

- TCT bits: 59, Z4, R2, +10 degrees
- Voltage: 220 to 240 V
- Net Weight: 150 Kg ( 330 Pounds )
- Dimensions: 1720 x 950 x 1350 mm ( 67.7 x 37.4 x 53.2 inches )

Powered Panel feeder with speed of 4m (13 feet ) per minute
Auxiliary rollers on the table assures perfect positioning
of the panel on the deck

Standard equipment

Belt feeder unit
Motorised top and bottom trimming unit with TCT bits r=3 + 10º chamfer
Flat scrapers at both sides of the panelFront and rear flush cutting
Table extension 

Bits included as standard equipment
8540183 Upper bit Ø60 Z4, r:2, 10° bevel
8540184 Lower bit Ø60 Z4, r:2, 10° bevel

Optional accessories

8200300 AS382L Dust collector, equipped with two motors and prepared to work during the trimming cicles automatically.
8545498 Attachment with connectors Ø ext. 38-100 mmFor general dust collection systems with a minimum capacity of 1000 m3/h.

Optional bits
8540172 Upper bit Ø60 Z4, r:3, 10° bevel
8540173 Lower bit Ø60 Z4, r:3, 10° bevel
8540185 Upper bit Ø60 Z4, 45° bevel
8540186 Lower bit Ø60 Z4, 45° bevel

Power feeder with speed of 15 feet per minute.                               
Table extensions+pressure clamps press the board
toward the rollers
Easy and accurate adjustment for for glue dosage on the tape

Easy and accurate panel height adjustment

Control Panel for microprocessor heat adjustment + cutting selection

Trimming unit with digital adjustment.                                                                              
Self Adjusting top and bottom cutters by copy wheels.
Easy access to scrapers. Possible to trim at different
radius and 10 degree champfering

Add glue while the machine is in operation   

East and accurate tape thickness selection

 Teflon coated glue pot is easy to see and refill. The red handle in front of the machine opens up to glue put cover for cleaning or refill


Scope of work:
For tapes of up to 3mm thick and plastic laminate strips
Flush trim for top/bottom both ends of up to 1 mm tape
Top/bottom flush trim for 2 & 3 mm tapes. 
in case of 2 & 3 mm, the ends will need to cut 
flush with hand held trimmer

For banding light core panels                                             Ideal for use of transparent tapes

Quick start guide Video

Watch Videos on how to change parts

How to adjust the tape in feed

Cleaning the front cut blade

Changing & cleaning of the in feed roller

Cleaning the glue dispenser

Cleaning the glue pot

Alway use a vacuum with the machine

Tech Support videos

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