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50 Hill Street # 509    (UPS address)
Southampton, NY 11968
Phone: in USA and Canada : 1-800-868-9663

Mailing Addresss
P.O. Box 1860
Bridgehampton, NY 11932

Warehouses located in NY, NJ and CT

Our History

Virutex North America


We have been in North American market for the past 30 years.
All products shown on this web site and the related spare parts
are stocked in our New York - New Jersey or Connecticut  warehouses.

Virutex, S.A.
Leader in woodworking machinery an tools
Since their appearance in the market in 1962, the tools and machinery for wood from VIRUTEX have gained a well earned reputation for quality, robustness and reliability. The concern for quality begins right at the birth of a new VIRUTEX machine. Our technicians are equipped with the most advanced systems, computer aided design and modern laboratories where the new VIRUTEX machines can be designed and tested, and the exis-ting ones perfected day by day. We have the means and an excellent team of qualified technicians which ensures that each new project emerging from R&D is guaranteed to have been conceived for a long life of hard work. Our range of manufactured goods incorporates the elements necesary for guaranteeing the safety of the user.

In 1998, Virutex began an ambitious project to transfer all its manufacturing centres to a new plant located in Rubí in the province of Barcelona.
6,000 m2 of facilities were built during the first phase, which now house the aluminium founding and thermoplastics section, as well as the pressing area and the area for shaping sheet metal elements using laser technology.
The transfer of the rest of the firm will culminate in the second phase, following the construction of new facilities to cover a total of 20,000m2. These facilities will house the assembly chains, warehouses, the R&D department and the general offices.

Production and quality control
In VIRUTEX we fabricate the majority of the components for our machines. To do this we have our own aluminium foundry, and specific sections for the injection of thermoplastics, motor fabrication, and machining for removal of burrs and deformities, etc. This internal control of the production process enables us to initiate our rigorous quality control in the selection of the basic components. Technologicaly advanced systems and Numerical Control Centres are used from the beginning of the manufacturing process to obtain components and parts of the highest precision and quality. VIRUTEX motors are made and checked before assembly of the machines. All of this makes up control of quality in stages, which guarantees a uniformity of quality in all VIRUTEX products. Following assembly, all VIRUTEX machines are tested in special sound-proof chambers to test their correct functioning. Random samples are also taken from the assembly line, with a predetermined frequency, to undergo more stringent endurace tests, by being made to work under more adverse conditions. All of this goes towards ensuring the robustness which characterises VIRUTEX machines.

Sales and distribution network
VIRUTEX has more than 2000 distributors in Spain who are the country's leading specialists in tools and machinery for wood.
As support for the distributors we have a full sales network which represents us in the whole of Spain, and which is coordinated from our central offices.
VIRUTEX exports to 50 countries over the 5 continents, enjoying a well-eamed prestige in the international market. For this we are able to count on the support of an efficient distribution network, which guarantees a full assistance service to all our users.